Unconventional Conversation Starters
What’s the pettiest thing you’ve ever done?
Could you beat a younger version of yourself in a race?
What’s the sweatiest you’ve ever been and why?
How do you think elevators could be improved?
What’s something you keep buying even though it’s stupid?
What’s something you still haven’t finished?
Who did you sit next to at your high school graduation?
What free beverage do you ask for on airplanes?
Are shoes fun?
Do you think trees should be a different color?
How many pillows are too many pillows? How many pillows aren’t enough pillows?
What is something you prefer to do alone?
How much time could you consecutively spend at a movie theatre?
When’s the last time you got lost in someone’s house?
How many soaps do you use in your shower?​​​​​​​
What product from your hometown is most likely/most known as being a pyramid scheme?
Would you enjoy a cave?
Are you a washer or a dryer?
What letter would you add to your first name?
What letter would you subtract from your last name?
If you use the “paste” function on your phone right now, what do you have copied/pasted?
What’s the worst song lyric?
Do you have to make any returns at a store currently?
What’s something that should be heavier than it is?
Are corn fields scary?
Imagine it’s the last time you’ll ever walk across a bridge in your life.
What bridge do you choose to walk across?
What is a fair price for a glass of lemonade?
Sing a jingle to a TV commercial that you always heard as a kid and still know all of the words to.
Do you hold the elevator door for others?
What’s a karaoke song you would be great at performing, but it’s not popular enough for everyone to know?
How big does a space have to be for you to get lost in it?
Can you name an example of the smallest and largest spaces you’ve gotten lost in before?
What do you do on an airplane?
What would be your prison nickname?
How do you pronounce “Hoyt-Schmerherhorn?”
What game show would you be good on?
What’s the most useless college class you took?
What’s something you do every day that most people don’t?
What obsolete piece of technology do you most identify with?
Name a town or place that you’ve only ever visited once.
What activity would be worse if it had to involve a pie?
What’s something that nobody ever buys from your local bodega?
What do you always look at when you’re at the checkout counter?
Where would you hide in a cemetery?
How many cans of soup would it take to fill the room you are currently in?
Do you have any opinions on anything that only you believe?
Which is worse: watching a sport you know nothing about,
or only watching the second film in a trilogy?
What movie would you want to be in? What movie do you deserve to be in?
What do you always lose? What is something that you’ve never lost?
Which is your favorite tooth?
If you were hosting an event but could only play one song on repeat the entire time,
what song would you play and what kind of event would you host?
What is your worst Craigslist experience?
If you had a personal assistant, what would be a part of their job description?
What is the last thing you did for the last time?
What is the last music purchase you made?
What celebrity are you most likely to get in a fight with?
What band/musician did you most listen to in college?
What are your three favorite fruits?
What is the weirdest thing about you?