During the process of self-recording his debut album, I helped art direct Momentary You's album launch and listening party zine.
The artwork I created for the lead single off of Tryst, titled Alizarin Crimson, brings color to the sketches and inner workings of the album for the first time. I hosted a collage workshop with Anthony and other producers to help compose a visual tone from found imagery that would complement the auditory messiness of intentional vs found vocals.
During the process of self-recording his debut album, my Sound Collage project came to mind, and Anthony and I connected to bring the album to life, visually. Tryst was recorded on a series of cassette tapes, and mastered with found sounds of New York City interspersed within the music. This DIY approach to producing felt akin to my DIY style of art. Anthony brought me sketches for the cover and branding of the album, and I worked with him to design collaged visuals and fine-tune an aesthetic for a corresponding tracklist zine at the album release party. We repurposed the eclectic songwriting and production notes into a collectible memento to accompany the album in the most authentic way possible.