Reviews from the New York Times Wine Club Selection

*Plus a few of my own gambles.
2019 Lustra Lodi Chardonnay / Very smooth, very damp, gummy bear, like blowing on a dandelion, like the sand in your car that you don't clean out because it reminds you of that trip to the beach.
2019 Rockpool Cabernet Sauvignon / Smokey – like how you'll know it'll be a long night. Quick aftertaste, dry mouth but dangerous lips. Drink this if you don't care who wins either way. If you've met your goal because you've made it this far. Nobody thinks you're drunk because you're in control.
2018 Great Smith Lodi Zinfandel / Brings out the spice in rich foods, makes me smile, how I thought all red wine tasted when I was a teenager. Feels like waiting out a warm, quick rainstorm.
2019 Condor Rojo Maipu Valley Malbec / Like stepping into a revolving door of cold air, like December at the mall. Like taking off your leather gloves at the dinner table, watery. I'd pour this for someone shy. This is what your friend's friend is drinking the first time you meet them at a party. I wouldn't drink it again.
2019 California Charmed Rosé / Damp, quick, sharable. Perfect drink to cultivate a good mood. Who could hate this? This drink makes it impossible to change your mind. Pair it with pop music from a decade ago, or shortbread cookies. Or anyone!
2019 Luna de Sábado Argentina Malbec / Juicy, would support a good apology. Serve in warm, tropical weather on a breezy patio with an old friend. Tastes like the rush of stargazing in the springtime, toes in the grass, getting colder. This wine is worth telling people about, and reminds you of the people that you would. Only complaint: this is all taste, no scent. Create your own scenery.
*2018 Josh Chardonnay / Tastes like getting lost inside a Target store. Way too strong and lingering aftertaste which is as frustrating as getting the sticker residue off of something new. The drunk feeling of optimism, obscured by depression.
*2018 Ergo Rojo / At first it was good, then it was really bad. Makes you want to start something.
*2017 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon / Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Will you fall asleep with a gold bar in each hand? You put a stop to it, then come back for more. Everyone is learning, or everyone seems to be. We can all hide here. This wine's flavor is forgettable, but you see to it anyway.
*Haus Citrus Flower Apéritif / Misguided and private, you wait for the calendar to change. Sip from a frozen glass reserved for a special occasion.
2017 Flamboyance Languedoc-la-Clape Rosé / Reminds you of parties, ferocity, fearlessness and opportunity. Think about who you were supposed to be. Keep your words light, pink, typical or tragic. Don't forget to laugh.