The production process for the "Fun Ones" out-of-home campaign from Carnival Cruises included a print and digital media buy. The media placements included over 18 different aspect ratios and sizes between print and digital.
I worked with the art direction team to revised the brand campaign guidelines to include layout rules that would ensure consistency on the border width, font size, and logo scale and wordmark.
Upon reviewing the media buy and the approved art files handed to my production team, I knew this pre-production process would not be as simple and making sure each logo and border edge was the same stroke size and scaled percentage on every placement, as the aspect ratio and difference in print vs digital resolution created conflicts.
I developed an algorithm between font size, headline length, border density, and aspect ratio, much like a Fibonacci sequence for OOH. While the dimensions of the artwork assets would need to be different across pre-production files, the entire suite of campaign artwork would become visually cohesive when viewed and distributed as a series in print ads, digital OOH, social and broadcast.
These rules were necessary to create flexible work that would not interfere with any headline's character count, and any key visual artwork that had been shot prior to the development of this campaign's design rules. The artwork is proportionally designed in every iteration of the work.