During a renaissance of outdated media brought on by ever-evolving high-resolution cameras in our pockets, I created a Photoshop filter that is a return to form to an original pocket-sized camera.
This filter takes any modern photograph and uses a three-color separation method. Color tones are grouped, rather than a traditional RGB separation of exact colors. These tones are assigned to percentages of the appearance of black, with each separation adding to 100% for a final image within a smart object. The smart object is automatically broken into a range of tones that address and pixelate the image in a given % of the appearance of black. This process is a digital and greyscale process similar to a traditional screenprinting technique, using pixels instead of ink.
This work is inspired by and in reference to the original style of Nintendo's Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer. Both 8-bit pocket-size attachments for the Game Boy inspired me when studied as an early example of using tech for visual purposes outside of its intended marketed purpose. All logos are owned by Nintendo and images using this filter with corresponding logos are not intended for commercial use.